A Salt Lake City Bucket List

Well, here’s another piece I put together. It’s by no means a definitive bucket list, but it has quite a few things I’d still like to do on it. Hoping to see Ballet West this year (perhaps around the holidays), and boy still has never driven the Alpine Loop in autumn. I also really want to hike Mount Olympus together soon. Maybe we can do that this summer.

SLC Bucket List


7 Things You Need to Know About Living in Utah


I recently wrote a short piece for NewsCastic, and it’s pretty fun if I do say so myself. Click on the image to read and share, if you feel so inclined!

7 Things - Utah

Wanderlust & Go in 2014


Well, 2013 came and went and I didn’t write one. single. post. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog, what to blog about, and I was just pretty much overall busy, so this fell by the wayside.

As you can tell, few readers I have (mom, dad, grandma), I’m revamping this place. I’m making this blog somewhere I want to be and something I’d want to read. I created Wanderlust & Go because when I really started to think about it, it’s basically one of my life mottos. I dream about going places, and I know I’ll make it happen whether it’s now or later. It always makes me sad when I meet people who say they desire to travel, but are pessimistic about ever being able to. If you don’t make it a priority in life, it really won’t happen.

This blog is also about enjoying the place you live. Currently, I live with my husband in Salt Lake City. While I’ve explored some pretty awesome things around here and throughout Utah, there is so much more for me to see and experience. This is a state of adventure and the great outdoors, and I hope this blog will encourage me to make delving into my current location even more.

2013 was a great year.

I visit my family and my best friend, Tenny, in CA…

tenny getty villa

Started a new job as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Spice Kitchen Incubator, made new friends and ate great food…


Went snowshoeing & checked that off my bucket list!…


Got engaged…

engaged engagement

Moved to a new apartment…

Married Douglass (aka “Boy”)…


We honeymooned in Oregon…


& went to Oktoberfest at Snowbird…


Boy’s sister got married…

I decided to pursue a career in writing & editing (fingers crossed)…

We went to Nevada City, CA for Thanksgiving with my family…


& celebrated our first married Christmas…


2014 is poised to be full of more amazing things, and probably a lot of surprises, so I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

We hope to meet and visit my family in Las Vegas, pay off all of our student loan debt, camp in Zion National Park with friends, visit Christmas markets in Canada, camp in Moab, and lots of other fun things. Hopefully Yellowstone, too!

Happy new year!

Five Days From Now

I will be done with my career as an undergraduate and on a plane to Europe! It feels pretty unreal at this point, probably because I have an unconscionable amount of work to do by then, but let’s not think about that right now. Anyway, this trip is to England, Paris & Germany! I will be seeing family and friends while I’m there and I’m really looking forward to it (of course!)! Plus, I’m finally making my way to France so I hope I can make use of some of that French I’ve studied for six or so years even though I’m still not fluent in the slightest.

I get to check one more city off this list! (And then it looks like I really need to start hitting up the Asian continent….)

bon voyage,


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Tenny (you’ll remember her from Halloween) and I took these photos to use on our Christmas cards. Sometimes it’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when you live in Southern California and the sun stays out all day. Needless to say, I am missing the snow and Christmastime in Ukraine. However, I think we did a pretty good job setting the mood, though we didn’t realize those lights we have wrapped around us would burn. That came as quite a shock.

Wherever you are in the world and whatever holiday you are celebrating, I hope you are able to enjoy this special time with people you love.

with love in Christ,

genevieve! (and tenny too!)

In Wonderland…

Last June I fell down the rabbit hole and ventured into Wonderland with my friend Joy. It was a gloriously sunny day and I was able to enjoy the sensation of my bare feet frolicking on perfectly green grass.

(Technically these are the Huntington Gardens, but I felt like I was Alice for the day. That’s all that matters, right?)

We had been planning this trip for quite some time because we wanted to visit during the springtime. I’m so glad we went in June because the gardens were absolutely beautiful and the weather was unbeatable!

I love trees. This one was a little sappy though.

I pretended I was in England as I took a turn about the rose garden. And that the entire Huntington was my personal grounds. A girl can dream, right?

Amazingly intricate branches…

I submit this little gem as proof that I am not a ballerina.

I just couldn’t resist. That’s pure glee right there.

bon voyage,



Just a Little Inspiration

Enough said?

bon voyage,


p.s. This photo is from when I jumped off the bridge connecting Zimbabwe & Zambia over the Zambezi River. This was the gorge swing, which I followed with bungee jumping. I’ll have to do a post on that someday :).

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Thing One & Thing Two! I just went trick-or-treating with my roommate (Tenny) and we loaded up with enough candy to last us a lifetime! (…though it probably won’t with our track record.) We were a bit worried that people would turn us down for being too old, but it turned out that the local Los Angelinos were exceedingly generous and loved our costumes. One even said we were the best he’d seen all night! I hope you enjoyed the holiday in some way! (Remember last Halloween?)

Time to go wash the blue spray out of my hair! Did you dress up?

bon voyage,


p.s. If you don’t understand our costumes, they are characters from Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat :).

p.p.s. Summertime posts coming eventually; I’d like to say soon but I can’t promise. School is busy!

Julia Child’s Life in France

I recently finished Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France, and though it did not become one of my favorite books I think it is worthwhile to recommend to my fellow lovers of travel. Julia definitely spends time talking about her love of French cuisine and the arduous task of publishing a (magnificently long) cookbook, so this will satisfy anyone who loves food (though it may make you hungry, so maybe you should buy her cookbook first). However, I really enjoyed her description of the French people and culture. She wrote about those aspects of France which she loved (and there were many), as well as stereotypes of the French people (both true and false).

Her life with her husband, Paul, was fairly unconventional and very interesting. They met working for the government in Asia, and moved around based on wherever Paul was assigned. They sent out Valentine’s Day cards rather than Christmas cards. They married older than most, and their different personalities seemed to work extremely well together. This book will definitely give you insight into the life and personality of Julia Child, and make you wish you had a loaf of fresh French Bread by your side!

bon voyage,



p.s. If you’re looking for something to read after this (or even before), I’m nearly finished with Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously. You probably remember the film? It’s pretty good too. Doesn’t have much to do with travel, unless you want to read a bit of ranting about the difficulties of living in New York City, but it’s a good summer read nonetheless.

Check!: Riding (Driving?) a Segway

I went to Redding in April to visit my aunt Jody for a weekend, and I had such a great time! We always have fun together; people always tell me how similar I am to her, a fact I don’t mind or dispute. Anyway, one fun thing she took me to do was segwaying! I’m not exactly sure what the correct terminology is here. Did I ride a segway, or perhaps ride on a segway. Maybe I even drove a segway! I think I just might prefer the all-encompassing verb, segwaying. It was a great time and I got to check something off my list of adventures I want to have! You can never go wrong there.

Let’s just address the elephant in the room. Helmets. Who likes them? Nobody I know. There are zero things cool about them, and then they go and give you helmet hair and make you look like you’re wearing a big egg on your head. They also make you very conscious of every bit of double chin you still might have from your recent (who am I kidding, it was four months ago!) carbo load in Ukraine. Sometimes, like on motorcycles, they probably seem pretty justified. At least outsiders understand why a person on a motorcycle, which can go pretty freakin’ fast, would wear a helmet. On a Segway? Yeah, not so much. Plain and simple, I felt like a dork. This is only amplified by the fact that you are told that it is impossible to fall off a Segway. I guess there is always the possibility of hitting your head on a tree branch and by golly, I am a proponent of Safety First.

Redding’s world-famous (so I’m told) Sundial Bridge. It crosses the Sacramento River and really is a work of art.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, she is so skilled. Segwaying with one hand and perfectly photographing herself with the other.” Well, that would be true except out of our group – which consisted of me, three people over fifty, and our guide – I was the only one to crash. Not quite sure if it was before or after this photo was taken, but I either had no idea what I was in store for or didn’t learn my lesson. We were going down a hill and turning. Did you catch that? Two things at once. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, especially since Segways are kind of counter-intuitive, at least according to my intuition. No big deal, I just ran into a bush at the bottom of a hill. Didn’t fall off and got out all by myself thankyouverymuch. Probably a good thing I was wearing my helmet just in case.

There was a pergola with flowers in bloom, so of course we had to snap a few shots!

This ice stuff was so good. I got a flavor that was something like an orange creamsicle, something I don’t taste much as a vegan. Really yummy!

bon voyage,